DJ Nubran

Denver, CO
IG: @djnubran

DJ Shad



DJ Gutta Down

Atlanta, GA
IG: @DJGuttaDown


Atlanta, GA
IG: @djrj88

DJ Sipp

Eugene, OR
IG: @djsipp

DJ Big House

IG: @djbighouse228

DJ Tiny Tim

Atlanta, GA
IG: @djtinytim561

DJ Corleone

Sacramento, CA.
IG: @djxcorleone

DJ Sam Ball

Alabama, US
IG: @dj_samball

DJ Bananas

Denver, CO
IG: @real_djbananas

Trench6od Campaign

Atlanta, GA
IG: @Trench6od_Campaign

DJ Mark Jones

Georgia, US
IG: @djtroublebaby

DJ T Swan

Mississippi, US
IG: @djtswan

DJ Dirty Dan

Alabama, US
IG: @op4ceo

DJ Master J

Virginia, US
IG: @master_j757

DJ Tay

Ohio, US
IG: @djtay334

We The Squad


Dj Sipp , “Being apart of the squad helped me get bigger shows and helped me gain national respect” Now I’m the top club and show dj in my area dJing for almost every major act that comes to town.

Dj RJ,  “When I joined the squad it automatically took me to another level as a dj ” Now I stay booked my email is full of music and my twitter numbers went up over night.

Dj 837,  “The squad Helped me Gain recognition and helped mold me as a pro dj. Now I’m raked one of the worlds Top 100  most influential Mixtape djs